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WisCon Art Panel

OK Peeps! The Object in the Story and the Story in the Object is on the programming under the Craft and Business of writing.

Now go there and vote for it!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Wiscon Programming

I can't believe that no-one has posted here since LAST year when I posted about programming! It's that time again!
Any ideas anyone?

I think we should put up "The Object in the Story and the Story in the Object" again - as we have been running that fairly successfully for a few years now (also it means no-one has to think of another one ;-)

Any other ideas?
How about the "Artists reception" in the craft room, Jane?


WisCon Programming

I just got the e-mail today about WisCon programming - does anyone have any ideas? Not much time left now...I will put my thinking cap on. I wonder if we can just do the same topic again? Namely "The Story in the Object and the Object in the Story" It is a sort of bottomless topic - and nicely encapsulates the kind of things I like to talk about ...

It's that time of year again. ^_^

Wiscon 33 Call For Artists!

Dear Artist,

We invite you to participate in the WisCon Art Show.

As you know, WisCon is the pre-eminent feminist science fiction convention in the world. We believe that Art is an important aspect of SF, and that an exciting Art Show is an important part of any convention. We strive to make the WisCon Art Show a continuing success by integrating the art show with the rest of the convention.

Art show focus:

Work by women artists
Work by regional artists
Work with feminist themes, whatever that may be

We don't plan to define feminist themes. That's up to you. We do, though, plan to continue to have popular awards for the Most Feminist and Most Outrageous items in the Art Show, as have for the past several years. We are interested in original work by the artist, which may include 1 copy of limited edition reproductions. For additional print sales, you are welcome to participate in the WisCon Dealers Room, or make an arrangement with one of the dealers. We also have a small print shop for items with fixed sale prices; let us know if you are interested in participating, since space will be limited.

Please complete an application at www.wiscon.info/artshow.php now. Artists must have completed the application process and have received an acceptance notice in order to enter art into the Art Show.

We are doing things a little different this year. In order to include more new artists, we are requiring all artists to submit an application and photos of their work to the Art Show Staff by January 31 of this year. We will start sorting through the applications then and notify the applicants of their status by February 15.

Completed applications must be submitted by January 31. On about February 15 we will notify accepted artists and about May 1, we will send forms, check-in and shipping information, and other details.

If you attend, you will need to purchase a WisCon membership. Please register at the website or mail in your registration form if you plan on attending. Note that there is a $20 refund available if you volunteer and work 6 or more hours on the convention (ideally, in the Art Show) or participate in programming. Program information is available at www.wiscon.info. If you are interested in participating, you should go to the site and sign up.

While we are not charging for space, we do need to know in advance how much you will need. Our standard hangings are 4' square pegboard. Artists new to the convention may reserve up to 2 4x4’ panels; for continuing artists, the maximum is 3 panels. It may be possible to get more space, but only at the discretion of the art show director based on the space available. Last year, we filled up, so more than 3 panels is unlikely. Table space is available as well, up to a full 6' x 36" table. Please include your space needs when you apply for entrance into the Art Show.

Convention members will have the opportunity to vote on the Art Show awards again this year. WisCon 33's Art Show will continue to focus on feminist art, art by women, and art by Midwestern artists. For art show information please check the box on the registration form, email artshow33@wiscon.info or visit the WisCon web site.

You can write the art show at the WisCon address. We can also be reached at artshow33@wiscon.info. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Jane Washburn
WisCon Art Show


WisCon Art Panels

Hello everyone!
It is almost time to start thinking about WisCon programming! I know you are all probably up to you eyeballs in Christmas stuff, but I just thought I'd put a little jog in your memory to start trying to think of a good panel topic that we can have.

Any Ideas?


"Grave Goods" Exhibition

I thought other WisCon artists might be interested in an exhibition I have been working on. Spearheaded by Darrell Markewitz of my artist collective An Droichead/The Bridge, we put out an open call for pieces inspired by or relating to the concept of "Grave Goods". Some very neat stuff came out of it and I just put together a virtual exhibition here
So that's what I'm up to.
Anybody else got news?


I'm not seeing enough posted here. Please say something about what you're working on at present. Art? Life? Evil Master Plans?

Chesley Awards

Hello All!
I just wanted to let you all know some exciting news I just got. Apparently my owl necklace has been nominated for a Chesley Award in the 3D art category. I cant tell you how thrilled I am! As many of you know I am pretty new to the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists - and I really feel that this is a great honour. You can see more information here


Welcome WisCon Artists!!

I've created this space to facilitate us in continuing the fabulous conversations and helpful information that we always seem to have at the con and keep us in touch for the rest of the year.


If you are an artist who has shown in the WisCon Art Show, would like to participate in the Art Show or are just really interested in supporting the WisCon Artists, please participate in the continuing discussions!


And to start us off, I think the biggest conversation we've had this year concerns community and how we could create and maintain communities both local and international. What do y'all think?


Also, I'm Jane Washburn, this year's Art Show director. Feel free to ask me any questions about the show and I'll do my best to get you answers. ^_^